Natural Conversationalist

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself ‘Holy shit does this bitch ever shut up?’ If the answer yes, then you most likely have met me. I’m a natural conversationalist, a gemini. I’m the obnoxious one at the grocery supermarket checkout line who takes forever because instead of hurrying to put my money in my wallet, I’m to busy talking to the person behind me about where they got their shoes, how I have a similar pair and a friend of a friends sister-in-law wore the same pair to a concert. YES, I am that person. I can talk and talk and talk; small talk, heart-to-heart talks, heated arguements; you name it I’ve mastered it.

I was the elementary schoo girl whom during parent-teacher conferences was described as being ‘smart but she talks a lot during lectures.’ I was the girl in junior high who got kicked out of class for talking while pretty much anyone else was talking. (You may call it rude, I call it if I don’t say it now it’ll haunt me forever and I’ll get a migraine. I was the girl in school put in the isolated corner because I talked to whoever was next to me. I was the girl who the priest stopped mass for because he could hear me going on about the latest hot gossip during the homily. I was the weird girl in college that randomly talked to the bypassers rushing to their next class. Now, I’m the girl that talks to strangers at the check-out line; apparently ‘don’t talk to strangers’ doesn’t apply to me. But the most relevant of it all is that my daughter has gotten this gift of gab from me… and let’s just say things get interesting.


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