Baby Fat





Ever since I was a little girl,I guess you could say I was pretty chubby. At first, it was cute baby fat, but by 9-10 years old I really began gaining no height and strictly just width. By 12 I started hitting puberty, and well you know how that goes. My hips got wider, my flat tire got flatter ( not in the front of my abdomen, it was literally a flat tire under my shirt falling over my jeans. You can imagine the complex from the teenage boys and their stupid comments. This one time I was at a friends house and rumor got out that I ate 7 cupcakes in one sitting (it may or may not have been an actual rumor), the bully boys loved this story and my not so nice nickname became ‘cupcake’.  By high school, I grew like 2’inches so I thinned out by the tiniest bit but that only lasted for sophomore year. Then I got a little cocky, ate a little too much and gained some weight. Then it was time for college. Naturally, you would assume the freshman 15 was in my near future but a miracle happened and the Graces of God blessed me with a new passion for going to the gym. The gym was free and when everyone was going of course I was going. The weird thing was after a while, I really began enjoying it and started going alone and more often. I finally was getting my goal body. And this time I was not going to put the weight back on.

By the age of 19-20 my goal weight was finally made. I was loving it. For my 21st birthday I wore a tiny little white dress size small. 2 weeks later, I take a pregnancy test. Pregnant. 2 months later, I weighed more than the heaviest I’ve ever been. 2. Months. Later. Pregnant women should be gaining like 3-4ish pounds by the 26th week. I had already gaining 20. Let’s just say I was one of those pregnant women, who just totally indulged in the fact that I was pregnant and had an excuse to eat. And eat and eat and eat and eat. I craved a lot of birthday cake. A LOT of birthday cake. Gave birth at 198 pounds. My son was born at 6 pounds. Do you understand and how large I was. Thank God for breastfeeding and my mom’s soup or else I would have never gotten my body back.

By the time my son was about 13 months old I was back to a comfortable weight. 10 pounds heavier than my original weight but it was okay, I wasn’t having a complex. Then, what do you know. Feeling a little sick, take a pregnancy test, pregnant.

This time I did not indulge in my ridiculous pregnancy habits and I was chasing a toddler around, so I didn’t gain toooo much weight. But I did gain more than average.

After my daughter was about 4 months old I began going to the gym, then I started hitting the gym really hard. Not only was I peak body weight but I had muscles and was stronger than I’d ever been in my life. *fun fact: when I would run on the treadmill, ( I HATE RUNNING) I would imagine it was the apocalypse and I had to carry my children on my back but ran as fast as I could, I also used this method whole squatting. It is very effective*. Then I began hitting the gym with my best friend. Only problem there was she had to be in work at 8 am so going to the gym was only possible at 6am. 6 fucking am. All while waking up in the night with my daughter. Whatever, it was worth it and so gratifying by then end. Then I got really addicted and started doing 2 a days and going in the morning and at night. My body muscles were really starting to grow and I was losing weight. Peak goal weight.

Now I know you want me to end this with, I reached my goal weight so ya know the P word. But no worries, I didn’t jinx myself made sure before I wrote this blog. The truth is I’m not at peak weight anymore because I began going to the gym less and eating more. Don’t get me wrong I’m very comfortable just not goals.

if you made it this far into the oh sooo interesting anecdote of my fat girl complex; moral of the story is never hit goal weight, you will get pregnant.


P.S: My new goal has become to encourage my daughter, and son to love their bodies regardless of what society or what any body says. We’re all beautiful. Corny, yet true.





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