Shit Males Say

Disclaimer:* Phrases said in post are not direct quotes of my husband but males in general.*


Typically, I blog about being a mom; but today I’m going to blog about being a wife. Not really, just from a wife’s perspective. My husband is awesome, it really is like having a sleep over with your best friend every night. But like every pair of best friends… Conversations get weird and sometimes I’m almost astonished at the things that come out of his mouth. But it’s not just him. It’s like guys all say the same things.  Guys are always saying women use the same phrases and are all the same. ‘I’m fine,’ ‘I don’t feel good,’ ‘I just think it’s funny how…,’ ‘do whatever you want.’ You get it. But no ones ever discussing the shit guys say.

  1. ‘You’re crazy.’
  2. ‘No’
  3. ‘Can you make me a sandwich?’
  4. ‘I hate when you drive’
  5. ‘let me get some tongue’
  6. *talks for hours about whatever fucking sport is in season at the time*
  7. ‘Youre crazy’
  8. *Doesnt speak because vigilantly staring into the television playing madden*
  9. *3am..sleeping peacefully, back starts getting rubbed ‘baby, you awake’, accidentally gets poked in the rear end.
  10. ‘You’re crazy.’


Like my 5 favorite girls infamously said ‘girl power’ !


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