True Life: I Suck at Extreme Couponing

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Everyone likes a good deal, discount, free… Whatever; but not everybody knows how or has the time to do so. I first was drawn to the attention of extreme couponing by a fellow MILF Kourney K. She faked being an extreme couponer, because somebody of that caliber and that fortune is NOT couponing. But, naturally after seeing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode, where Kourtney coupons; of course I had to as well.

I am great with finding good deals, really great discounts and even stuff for free but I SUCK at couponing. I’m not gonna lie when I began couponing I was excited and determined. I would look for coupons all over the place and then stash them in my wallet. I finally decided I had accumulated enough coupons to do my shopping. Three hours later in an average size supermarket, I saved .50¢ and now had 7 deodorant sticks.

MILF’s Top 10 reasons Extreme Couponing Sucks:

  1. Extreme couponing is very, very time consuming. I barely have time to decide which shoes look better with my outfit; I do not have time to sit and look through magazines, newspapers or online articles for coupons.
  2. Extreme couponing requires expert organizational skills, let’s just say I’m on level beginner.
  3. When the supermarket is busy and you have 23 coupons, the dirty looks become evil.
  4. I do not have the place in my house to store a pallet full of paper towels.
  5. Half the time the coupons I collected weren’t even things I needed; so I just ended up with a bunch of unnecessary shit.
  6. I am really bad at math; like really really bad. Quick math skills are crucial for extreme couponing and I just can’t handle that.
  7. If I have a coupon I could actually use, I lose it. Never fails, if there is a coupon I need, it will be lost, unintentionally thrown away or eaten by my daughter.
  8. When a coupon doesn’t work, I get really annoyed and my bitchy voice comes out. ( believe it or not there is a bitchier tone than my everyday voice)
  9. When I failed at couponing, I got really down on myself, because if Honey Boo Boo’s mom June can be successful at couponing, WHY CAN’T I?!?
  10. I don’t even have a number 10 because typing this list made me really annoyed at the fact I am not good at couponing; and am now currently debating on taking it back up.

Kudos to the people that are good extreme couponers; and for the love of God please teach me the easy way.


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