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Now, clearly I cannot take all credit for this one. Phil Dunphey, author of the self help and life guide book  Philsosphy has to be mentioned because he is the king of all relevant life advice. I am a Gemini; so naturally I like to give advice when asked or .. Not asked ; typically the latter. So here is a not so extensive list of life and parenting advice according to the alpha milf herself.

  1. When in a dating drought do not join tinder, you’ll match with a drunk frat guy who’s going to message you “anal?” And desperate you WILL respond.
  2. Get the slutty years out early or you’ll end up being a washed up lonely 45 year old, most likely on tinder.
  3. If you’re unhappy with your post baby body, go on Facebook, and look at pictures of all those girls who were mean to you…

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