Vacay time


I bet you thought I was really going on vacation .. Nope.. Just the hair salon. And this was much needed after an afternoon of screaming temper tantrums, pushing and no wine in the house. Being a mom even going to the pool isn’t much relaxation considering I’m constantly making sure my kids are in eyes view. Fuck man, going to the grocery store is more of a vacation than the pool.. So you can only imagine how a hair salon must feel. 

I like to pamper myself but getting my hair done does not happen that often.. So naturally the night before I get butterflies and can’t sleep. Once I get there and sit in the chair I feel like a woman having her first sip of alcohol after being pregnant for 9 months. I sat in the chair and immediate zen came over me.. Actually I don’t really know what came over me because I asked the assistant for a glass of wine and hen called her darling.. They don’t serve wine. Then she starts to play with my hair, brushing her fingers through and I get instant goosebumps..and if you read that in the wrong context you’d think I was writing about a lesbian sex story. No girl can resist someone playing with their hair. Then it’s time for the after conditioner head massage.. Pretty sure I sounded like an old woman playing tennis. Now, she starts giving me a blow out.. 30 minutes later.. I can’t stop taking selfies.


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