It’s grandmas world and we’re just living in it


I know I cannot be the only one who has a mother that spoils the shit out of their kids.. Right? Or a mom that your children are so infatuated with that sometimes it’s like mommys not even in the room? Not just me.. RIGHT?! My mother has been an enormous part of my children’s lives since the day they were born. There was even a moment in time when they would call us both mom. I love my mothers teachings on motherhood and I love how well she mothers… She is a natural mother but like all situations there are also many many disagreements. Sometimes more disagreements occur with my mother over my kids than with my own husband. But mother does know best …

If my kids are like any other kids, which I assume they are, then the rest of you know how often they ask for the most absurd things; whipped cream for breakfast, not going to bed at bedtime, playing in a sink full of water for 38 minutes, wearing two different shoes, throwing a fit about leaving the house when we reaaalllllyyyyy need to be somewhere important. These are all the situations I, the erratic, on schedule, wanting to do everything right mother typically says no too. So when mom says no… Kids ask grandma. What does grandma say? YES, SURE, WHY NOT, LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT. So who looks like lucifer’s spawn? MOMMY.

It really is not just the being allowed to do whatever the kids want battle that I seem to lose against the kids and grandma, it is also the “im telling grandma on you” battle. Son climbs on table then jumps off… I reprimand him, his instant response to get his crocodile tears on and tell grandma “MOMMYS BEING MEAN.” My daughter Mike Tyson’s my son and bites his ear… She is reprimanded, first instinct is to run to grandma, put on her crocodile tears and point at mommy.

When mommy says no, always ask grandma…. And if that fails… You’re shit out of luck.


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