Red wine, stay close to me.


The other day somebody asked what I do, well I’ve never had the opportunity of having a good response, unless I was lying of course, so I quickly blurted out “I blog, well I started writing a blog, 3days ago.” In all honesty, I really don’t know why I said that, and I really did want to bang my head against a cinder block afterwards.. But maybe it was the excitement that I got views (shout out to all 50 of you) or maybe because I really enjoy writing witty Facebook posts and this is just an elaborate way of getting creative with them.. I don’t know. 

I’ve really been into this whole blogging idea lately. I watched sex and the city the other night really because it was just on and I couldn’t find anything else to watch and for the first time in my life Carrie Bradshaw interested me. I enjoyed her writing. I’ve even begun wearing my hair down curly like hers, with my aviators, glass of cabernet and list of questionable morals. I am not trying to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw, trust me, my life is much more fulfilling than hers, but her freelance writing is intriguing and no I am not comparing my 10 blogs to my 50 followers as successful freelance writing but hey you never know maybe one day I’ll have my hair down curly, aviators on, day driving my red cab at brunch while wearing my brand new jimmy choos.


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