Mom, as in my mom, not me actually being mom.


I know every single person reading this blogs favorite human being is their mother. Okay, so there’s some dead beat moms equally as there are dead beat dads but moms some how always take cake for favorite person ever. Don’t get me wrong my father is my number one go to guy and my first love but for some reason my moms awesome. I am not going to go into detail about my mother because my biggest law i would like to abide is to to keep all the people close to me anonymous. So basically in short laymans terms.. I’m obsessed with my mother…and I can only hope my children will love me the quarter amount I love my mother. 

After an intoxicating evening of my day drinking it was like (4pm, and my children were being very well taken care of no worries) I came home with my husband pretty tipsy, and by tipsy I mean I was slurring my words. I tried to hide the fact from my mother that I was intoxicated, but being she is a mother she could see right through my tequila infested eyes. Instead of reprimanding me on why drinking is very very bad and that’s how you end up having sex and 2 kids later..she made me a grilled cheese with hot chocolate and rubbed my head until I fell asleep.

A lot of you are probably thinking , “wow what a loser, 25 years old and her mother still takes care of her.” But in all actuality, how lucky am I? I get to spend time everyday with the one person who will love me immensely no matter how badly i fuck up… Which is very, very often.

I know now my mother feels that way about me because that is the way I feel about  my babes. I wouldn’t know how hard to love my babies if it aSnt for how deeply and truly my mother loves me.


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