R.B.F: the incurable.


By the time I reached adulthood and survived my awkward teen years, I had naturally assumed that the repeated phrases “why are you so mad”, “this is exciting can you smile”, “do you hate me?” would become less frequent. Much to my surprise.. The questions only came stronger and more often. When I was a kid I could never comprehend why everyone thought I was mad all the time and then when I became a teenager I didn’t get why I had trouble making good first impressions with friends (IM AWESOME OKAY). But the more the internet became the focal point of all knowledge I realized I suffered from a severe disorder; RBF: Resting Bitch Face. 

Now that I am an adult and have found a diagnosis for my social issues I’ve become more aware of my facial expressions, however what I did find is the more aware I am the more I seem to do it. While at the park with my kids I was extremely excited that my son conquered his fear of going up the big slide, I was ECSTATIC, yet my face looked like I was pissed he even went up there, but in my head I legitimately thought I was grining from ear to ear. I could tell the Sanford wives mommy and me club judging me hard.

Having RBF in a social situation where you don’t necessarily have to interact with anyone or will not see these people again is totally acceptable but having RBF is not ideal when meeting an important person, such as a future boss or in-law. Naturally, because of the person that I am, when I am put in said situations I tend to over use my smile (full on gums and back teeth) that I can only imagine that I look like a serial killer something along the lines of side show bob. I have an incredibly difficult time being fake or fake smiling because my RBF is so severe.. And well I’m also naturally a huge bitch but that’s so besides the point.

RBF is not half bad; a) if you are a people hater like me, people feel uncomfortable approaching you therefore leads to less awkward stranger small talk. b) smiling a lot causes wrinkles.. RBF keeps the collagen in the face tight 😉 and c) when people get to know you, you become unpredictable because your personality doesn’t reflect your facial expressions.

With  my chronic incurable RBF, I have recently become concerned with my children’s inheritance of it. I’ve always noticed a little ‘tude in their expressions but now I am really starting to think that’s one of the traits they got from me. Tis’ both a blessing and a curse.

With all of that said; sunglasses are a RBF sufferers best friend, preferably mirrored ones.. That way no one can see your eyes and you can judge from afar and not look totally bitchy. YOURE WELCOME.


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