Not today satan not today.


You ever have one of those nights where the house is dark and peaceful, you’re cuddled in your bed cozied up with a nice body pillow, finishing up saying your prayers, feeling optimistic about the next day? That was me last night. I put on my head phones, fell asleep to some 2002 hip hop and was in my zone..


5:57 am: a rancid smelling diaper is thrown at my face.

6:12 am: daughter squeezes every conditioner into bathtub.

6:38 am: daughter throws toys in toilet.

7:13 am: daughter wakes up brother via kick to the face.

7:14 am: crying.

7:27 am: still crying..

7:33 am: crying has failed to seize.

7:48 am: crying has begun to disspell.

7:53 am: Dora and boots have already started their shit.

8:04 am: 2 children climbing on dining room table. (The eyes in the back of my head never fail me.. I…

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