8/6/2015 continued


Whoever read my morning most likely assumed my day was going to continue to be a piece of shit but however I managed to make it work. As a mother, this is not the first time mornings have commenced so, I’ve had mornings that began with vomit on the face and it wasn’t my own so really a diaper to the cranium really was not so bad..

As I continued what seemed like the day from hell that lucifer himself planned out for me really did not turn out so bad. I knew if I continued on with my day with the ‘my life is a joke’ attitude my day really would have turned into a laughing stock but instead I put my happy face on and by happy face I mean put on some concealer to hide the bags under my eyes, I put on my favorite shorts (which money Matt ‘refers to as my everydays’ because apparently I wear them every day) and I went on with my day. And much to my surprise my day was not half bad! I got to spend the day with my  9th month pregnant sister, whom believe it or not complains more than I do and then my best friend who I invited to MY house for a birthday dinner and wine ended up bringing a FULL bottle of cupcake wine and then taking ME out to dinner.

Life’s weird. You wake up one morning with legitimate toddler feces on your cheeks and by the time you go to bed your smiling from cheek to cheek because you realize you have the greatest life in the world. I wake up every morning with 2 human beings that NEED and WANT me, I have people in my life whom enjoy spending casual quality time with me and I have a person who says they love me every single night before I go to bed (whether I deserve it or not). Do I deserve it? No. I complain, I am bitchy and I’m sassier than your modern day Angelica pickles, but God is good.


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