Millenial Mom


Having kids before the age of 30 was never really in my life agenda so as one can imagine having 2 kids by 23 was a real fucking walk in the park. As everything else in this world the situation presents both its pros and cons. Con: planning a night out 4 months ahead, I like to take selfies and I don’t have the patience of super nanny. Pro: I keep them looking fresh, I haven’t forgotten how to have fun so putting on improv dance parties to DMX’s party up in here or lil Jons get low is extremely appropriate. I’m both tech savvy but I can pick up a book; therefore both my children knew how to use an iPad by the age of 7 months and my 3 year old can read. I could go on for centuries about why being a millenial mom is much more gratifying than a baby boomer.. But everyone’s got their opinions; including the random strangers my children and I meet through our daily lives. 

Example número uno: while playing skee ball with my son at a local resort after we snuck in to play arcade games a very snarky older woman told me my ‘brother’ was adorable and that he looked just like me. My response? With no hesitation.. Thank you I gave birth to him.

Example número dos: the nosy check out lady at the super market.. ‘Are those two yours!?’ ‘Yes’ ‘aren’t you a little young to already have 2 kids it’s babies having babies’ ‘aren’t you a little old for that nose ring and that “ombré” hair?’

Example número tres: going to church in matching black dresses and cheetah shoes with my daughter, a very contoured face with the hint of resting bitch face.. ( which may come up often so we’ll refer to it as RBF from here on out.) The looks of judgement my fellow church goers gave made me feel like cady heron as she walked into that auditorium after the burn book shame was placed on her.

Maybe society is so simple minded that the idea of young parents actually being GOOD is so far fetched that the very sight of it is conceived as such a negative notion due to habit? Or maybe everyone really are just a bunch of assholes.

Millenial moms are Pinterest queens, etsy sellers, instagram famous, kale and spinach breakfast, recycling advocates, proud of equal rights but most importantly we are good moms who care about the future of our children and our world.

I can get asked a million more times what my ‘siblings’ names are because I wouldn’t change being a Millenial mom for the world. And at least this flawless face of mine is going to stay fresh. Hey, what Can I say a baby face is both a blessing and a curse.


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