Am I doing this right?


I really don’t know what I am doing and I am strictly writing this by popular demand; and by popular demand I mean 2 Facebook friends and my mom. Apparently, I’ve got a way with words (which I totes can’t disagree on considering I am a Gemini). So, I tell funny stories about my kids and my life as a young mom on Facebook and Facebook is basically my journal, so here I am blogging them instead.

I’ve got two babes; 3 and 1 1/2; a love hippie little boy with long curly hair and the cutest little ginger diva you ever have seen. And I’m just trying to make it day by day by showering, eating and making sure my kids are fucking happy. Is there really a greater feeling than seeing your children happy? No there isn’t. But a shot of soco and lime followed by a Long Island iced tea comes exponentially close.

So, I guess one day you’re 21 and 2 days years old happy hour started at noon and the only legitimate worry I had was who was DDing me around. Then suddenly your stomach hurts, you piss on a stick and bang bang your pregnant. All of a sudden you’re learning to be a mom with your boyfriend, who’s trying to learn to be a dad and somehow, someway we were almost good at it.

13 months later. Son just turned 1 .. Saint Patrick’s day; I’m turnt up as fuck ( I know I really am too old to say that) but I was. Next day don’t feel good.. Hungover, obviously. Next 4 days still don’t feel good.. Pregnant? Pregnant. Here we go: round 2 this time it’s a girl! And just when you think you’ve got the baby parenting thing down, a girl comes and throws every lesson out the fucking princess castle window.

So here we are 2 kids 1 milf, (with appearances by baby daddy money Matt and my main biotch mom), just trying to casually figure out life, love and family; with some defecation on the walls via potty training, pretending my 3 year old is 2 to get in for free, shit talking Dora, sibling royal rumbles and the casual captain Morgan with ginger ale in the garage when mommy needs a time out.


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